Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at 9:13 AM

What's in the River4 folders?

There are three top-level folders: data, lists and rivers.

The only one folder that contains input is the lists folder. Everything else is created and maintained by the River4 software.

The data folder has several sub-folders.

  1. calendar is a calendar-structured folder broken down by year and month. Each file is a day's worth of news gathered from the feeds all your lists subscribe to.

  2. feeds has a sub-folder for every feed your river is following. There's only one file in each sub-folder, but there's room for growth.

  3. feedsInLists.json is a list of feeds, and a reference count for each feed. If the count goes to zero, we don't have to read the feed, because there aren't any lists subscribed to it.

  4. feedsStats.json is a JSON array containing information about each of the feeds.

  5. lists has a sub-folder for each of the lists. There's one file in each folder with info about the list.

  6. prefsAndStats.json stores preference settings and overall stats for your River4 installation.

  7. riversArray is an array of information about your rivers. You can edit the title and description for each river to control the display of the home page.

The meaning of "enabled"

When you see a JSON file that has an element called enabled, if you set it false, the software will stop processing that object. So if you set the enabled element of a listInfo.json file to false, we will stop reading the list. It's useful if you want to keep everything in place, but turn off parts of the server.

You can turn the whole River4 aggregator and server off by setting enabled false in prefsAndStats.json.

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