Friday, December 5, 2014 at 12:06 AM

New River4, new console app

The big new addition is the River 4 Console.

You can edit subscription lists for your River4 installation in a browser, using the Concord outliner, the same one that's at the core of Fargo.

You can edit them either on the server machine, or remotely.

How to

  1. Install the latest version of River4, v0.108, on your server. You can download it from the GitHub repository.

  2. If you want to access the server remotely using the new dashboard, set an environment variable, password. If you don't set the password, you will only be able to access the server through localhost.

  3. Go to In the Server menu, choose Settings.

  4. Enter the address of your server, and the password you set in step 2. Screen shot.

  5. Reload to get the data from your server.

How edit a list

You can add a new item to the list by clicking the + icon in the left margin. Enter the URL of the feed. If it could be read, the feed will appear in the list.

Click the Save button to send the changed list back to the server.

Choose any of the items in the Lists menu to load your list in the outliner box.

Other features

In the Server menu, you can also disable the server, and re-enable it. You can open the dashboard, to watch the server as its running (replacing the original dashboard, which still works of course). And you can quickly view the river that is derived from the list you're editing.

In the left margin, you can edit the attributes of any headline in a subscription list, or view the feed in a special XML browsing window (avoiding the crappy way most browsers deal with RSS).

What's new in River4 0.108

Basically, a bunch of new server endpoints to support editing of lists and prefs.

This is a pausing point

Originally, I planned to package this as a node-webkit app before releasing it. A couple of days ago I realized this was a bigger undertaking than I had imagined, and wanted to pause for a while here, to shake the bugs out, and learn how this works, before locking it down as a standalone app.

The goal remains, to make River4 more of an end-user experience. This release makes it easy to edit subscription lists, monitor the server, and turn off the server and turn it back on. A lot of the work toward reaching the goal is in this release. I plan to use it myself to manage my own River4 server, and encourage others to do the same.

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